Reviews about ProstEro

  • David
    After I propyl course of capsules ProstErowere all the symptoms of prostatitis. Groin pain has been – and always with the who suffered! I recommend only to drink exactly according to the instructions and the period of one month.
  • Jan
    Recommend to anyone suffering from prostatitis! ProstEro just put me on my feet and finally was allowed to lead a normal life! I used to be constantly kept going to the bathroom, tired of all of this – and this drug helped me.
  • Miha
    Reduced potency, and then another, and prostatitis appeared. This is a different problem, but the root have one and the same congestion. Found this on the Internet drug ProstEroat the same time, and treats the impotence, and prostatitis. Is do confirm!
  • Maša
    My husband gave this drug to him, she finally cure your prostatitis. And in a short time he went to the doctors, took different courses – nothing!
  • Matic
    Treatment of prostatitis, as proposed by the doctor, I really didn't like the painful and unpleasant injections, and massages. I decided to try to treat themselves at home. Ordered the drugs ProstEro and for a month was completely cured! The doctor could not even believe!
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