Experience in the use of ProstEro

With experience from Sergio from Rome

experience in the use of Sergio from Rome

It all started with problems with urination. I was constantly running to the toilet is annoying, and prevents lead a normal life, somewhere very far to go, for example. Then there was a burning sensation in the groin, on the penis. Slowly, the sensations become painful. Erections like the worse that is, but I'm afraid that with this kind of problems to have sex. Naturally, the girl began to ask questions. In General, it was necessary to urgently solve the problem.

The Internet came on the website ProstEro it is a drug for the treatment of prostatitis, is in the form of capsules and drops. The reviews were very good, I decided to ask. Choose capsules, read the instructions for use: take three times a day, 30 minutes before meals. The package arrived quickly, everything was confidential. It is important to me, don't want their neighbors to know that I have to accept that the remedy for prostatitis.

After a week ProstEro application the pain is almost gone. Two weeks later he disappeared the cream. A month later, because I felt completely healthy, problems with urination was no more. It lifted my spirit! I can now lead a normal life and not think about the health problems. And the sex has become better, richer!